Learn English in Bangkok, Thailand with Native English Speaker.


Do You Live in Bangkok or Elsewhere in Thailand? Do You Want to Learn to Speak English?

Update: You can now learn English online with us no matter where in the world you live. 

If you answer “yes” to the two above questions and you live in Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand, then Learnenglishinbangkok.com is the website for you. You can come and study English at our premises on Thong Lor, Bangkok or at any place in Bangkok that is convenient for you.

New Online Classes

No matter where you live in the world you can still study English online with us. 

Why study with a Native English Speaker?

Learn English with a native English speaker. Many say that this is the best way to learn to speak English clearly and fluently.

Why do you want to learn English?

There are many reasons for wanting to learn to speak English: Travel, job-advancement or even preparation for the coming Asean Economic Community (AEC) .

I teach all skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening at every level from basic grammar to advanced English language skills. Most courses are either conversation or basic communication, but I also teach Business English and should you wish to study English for specific purposes such as the medical profession or English for flight attendants then I also have a course for you too.

Experienced English Teacher

I have been teaching English to Thai people in Bangkok for 20 years and have during that time developed a successful method in helping Thai students learn to speak English.
As a well experienced professional teacher of English I believe it is important for students to learn English the natural way – by speaking and gaining confidence.
Many Thais are very good at English grammar but when it comes to speaking they are so afraid of making mistakes and therefore my classes are designed to let the students have fun in learning and soon lose their fear of speaking English.

Study in Bangkok or From Anywhere in the World.

Most of our classes are held in the Thong Lor area of Bangkok, but now you can also study online with us by using modern online teaching tools (Zoom, Google Classroom or Skype) no matter where in Thailand you live.

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English Courses.

For individuals

  • Academic English
  • British culture
  • Business English
  • Conversation
  • English for interviews
  • English for life in the UK
  • English for work
  • Exam English (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS)
  • Grammar
  • Listening skills
  • Pronunciation
  • English for Flight Attendants
  • Writing skills
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For Companies.
 (We are a team of well qualified and experienced native English speakers and are able to meet all of your needs)

  • Business Communication
  • Business Writing
  • Presentation Skills
  • Telephone Language

If you have any special requirements then please contact us.



  • Please respond to request as to teaching questions?

  • Hi Patty
    I have sent you an email.

  • Dear sir, please sent me some information about the possibilities to follow english lessons? My Thai girlfriend doesn’t speak English and for our relation it is very important to communicate on a normal basis. Please give me some price details and the frequency of lessons?

    Kind regards
    Ruud Sekrève

  • My Thai girlfriend wants to learn the English language in reading and writing.

    Do you do such course?

  • Amitava Biswas

    This question is regarding a Thai national interested in learning English. She has no knowledge of English language at current.
    Can you share the details – course content. Timings, fees, duration

  • Hello,
    Your advert doesn’t address the a pertinent query which most people have, can you teach spoken English to a Thai person who has no knowledge of English. I would be more interested in a bilingual skilled teacher fluent in both Thai and English than a teacher fluent in only English (albeit native).

    • Hi Edgy
      Yes, I can and have taught Thai people with little knowledge of English as I can speak Thai. You say “no knowledge” in your enquiry, but most Thai people have studied a little English in school.
      Anyway, there are plenty of Thai websites for those who don’t want a native English speaker.

      • Peter thanks for your reply. Your confirmation that you can speak Thai is assuring. A bilingual native English speaker is ideal. Can you please email me fees, course structure, duration etc. Primary need is spoken English, ability to read English and understand and type on a English keyboard to express onself without having to use translation constantly.

  • Hello want to learn en to learn enwatcharee

    • Hello Watcharee
      I have sent you a private email.
      At the moment I am only teaching online, but I have sent the details to you

  • Hello want to learn en to learn en
    glish i am watcharee

  • Are you accepting new students?

  • Hello, am writing this on behalf of Nattapat who’d like to learn English online since she lives in the north of Thailand. Can you please send her by email in Thai more info on the what when how and where please.

  • Darran kohnen

    Hello dear. My name is Emma, just move to Ekamai Bangkok. I would like to learn the language by attending to the class. If there any class that I can join? Thank you in advance

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