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English Courses

If you live in Bangkok, then come and learn English with us. We have English language courses to suit everyone, no matter whether you want to learn English for fun, school or work.

We have English language courses ranging from beginner English to advanced English. If you wish to learn English for work, then we also have a wide range of Business English courses.

You can study English Language in groups at our location on Thong Lor or any place in Bangkok that suits you. We offer English lessons in small groups of up to ten students. Should you wish to learn English alone then we also have one-on-one courses. All courses are 30 hours and each lesson is 2 hours.


Due to the present Covid-19 situation all physical classes are now cancelled but every course is available online at these special rates:

One on one Zoom or Google Meet: 600 – 700 Baht per hour. (Depending on time of lesson)

Group lessons can be arranged accordingly. Contact me for further details or click here

Basic English Conversation Course.

Learn English in Bangkok

Basic Conversation Course at Thong Lor

This is our most popular English course.

If you have studied English for a few years, but never really have had the chance to speak English, or if you haven’t used your English speaking skills for a few years, then is this is the course for you.

You will gain more confidence in speaking English and by the end of the course you should be able to communicate in English with friends and business partners.

Topics include: Introductions, talking about families, hobbies, travel and other light social communication.
After that you can either continue to practice English by yourself or continue learning English with us.
Intermediate English Conversation Course

After you have completed the basic English conversation course you can progress to the next level – Intermediate English Conversation.

Topics covered.

Introductions and company profiles.
Giving basic personal information.
Staying at Hotels
Restaurant Language

Giving Directions
Telling the time
Present Simple
Questions using the present simple
There is/There are
Distance and frequency
Countable/Uncountable nouns.
Other Courses:
Business Writing, IELTS, TOEIC preparation, and many others.

Other courses are available according to students’ needs.


Standard Courses

If you choose to study on one of our standard courses at our premises on Thong Lor, then the price is only 139 Baht per hour, or for a 30 hour course 4170 Baht.

There are a minimum of 5 students and maximum 10 students.


Private Class

Are you a group of 3 or more students and wish to study at another location the please contact us for a quotation.

Please note that I will add 100 Baht per lesson for transport.

Private (one on one) Classes

You can study privately with me at Thong Lor or any other location.

The price is 1,000 Baht per hour (+100 Baht transport per lesson if it is held at another location.)


If you are a company requiring one or more professional English teachers then I am sure we have a solution for you.

We have a wide range of Business English courses available or are able to customize English courses for your company.

Contact us for a quote.



  • My name is Summer, I want to have a one on one class on intermediate English either at your place or mine. You may call me at 091xxxxx

    • Hello Summer
      Thanks for the enquiry. I will call you.
      I have deleted your phone number here.

  • Apaporn Phumichai

    Hi Peter,
    I am interested in study English one on one. My aim is speak English fluently, next will be business writing
    Could you give me a course and cost.


  • Hello. I’m interested in English courses face to face. I’m coming to Bangkok in a next week. Thank you!

  • Hi Peter
    Do you do online English courses, my contact details are 0xxxxxxxx
    Paul hughed

    • Hi Paul
      I have removed your telephone number.
      Yes, I do online English courses. I will call you now,


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